Mudgee Fine Foods is a non-profit organisation that gives local producers the opportunity to meet and connect with their customers in a cost-effective way, while selling and promoting their products.

Operating regularly within a community at a public location, our markets provide a suitable environment for farmers, producers, and creatives to sell their products directly to customers.

Plus, with dedicated media and PR support from a full-service marketing agency, stallholders and members are promoted to a wide audience from various digital avenues to ensure maximum outreach and benefits.


The Mudgee Farmers’ Market is all about our region’s farmers and producers of high-quality, regional produce.

The Mudgee Makers’ Market celebrates the many creatives and artist in the Mudgee region, offering apparel, art, jewellery, house and garden wares.

Based on the ‘100 mile’ principle (160 km) the region is broadly defined as the Mid-Western Regional area. This includes: Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos, Gratti, Hargraves and Ilford. Producers from other neighbouring areas are welcome to apply and applications will be reviewed and considered by the MFFI Committee.

Cooked foods must be of the highest quality and, where possible, utilise local produce, ideally from other stallholders. All food stallholders need to conform to NSW Food Authority guidelines.

Please read the Farmers’ Market Charter for our geographical and product criteria.